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October 2019

On October 25, an impressive natural spectacle began with the volcanic eruption, preceded by warning signs in the form of seismic crises on October 21 and 25. Vigilant scientists observed an increase in seismicity and changes in the structure of the volcano, announcing the imminence of the eruption. When the lava gushed, it marked the landscape with its fiery presence, flowing towards the RN2 and raising questions about its possible encounter with the waters of the Indian Ocean. This dance of nature ended on October 27, after intense activity characterized by pressurized gas emissions. The lava, like an ephemeral sculpture, solidified a short distance from the road, without ever touching the ocean. Authorities responded quickly to ensure the safety of residents and visitors, while managing the influx of curious people attracted by the power and beauty of the eruption, testifying to the indomitable strength of our planet.

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