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The Sainte-Rose meteorite

The Sainte-Rose meteorite, discovered in 1983 by geologist Patrick Bachèlery in the massif of Piton de la Fournaise and more precisely at the bottom of the Rivière de l’Est, is a remarkable specimen of chondrite. This stony meteorite, rich in iron and weighing 430 grams, stands out as the only known meteorite in La Réunion. Its estimated age of 4.4 billion years ranks it among the oldest rocks available for scientific research. After a period of thorough study and an exhibition at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, the meteorite was returned to La Réunion. It is currently on display at the Cité du Volcan, enriching the cultural and scientific heritage of the island. As a witness to the early stages of the formation of our solar system, the Sainte-Rose meteorite arouses keen scientific and cultural interest. Despite exhaustive searches, no other fragment has been found in the region, even though meteorite hunters explored the area about ten years ago. The Sainte-Rose meteorite constitutes an invaluable legacy for La Réunion, attracting scientists and the general public, and inspiring wonder in many visitors each year at the Cité du Volcan.

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