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Affiche du FESTILAVE

The FESTILAVE brought together this year 18 candidates who are passionate about volcanism and photography. They presented their amateur films and photos to the jury, who appreciated the diversity and quality of the works.

The Festilave aims to enhance the natural and cultural heritage on the theme of volcanism, as well as to raise public awareness and education on its protection. The candidates were able to capture the beauty and mystery of volcanoes, playing with light, color, contrast and emotion.​The ranking of the participants was established by a jury of 7 people.


The jury president (Mr. BERTIL Alain) abstained from voting because he knew the files and most of the candidates. The files were made anonymous so that the jury also ignored the names of the competitors. The participants obtained 7 marks out of 20 whose sum determined their rank according to the number of points obtained. The jury relied on an evaluation grid (see the grid). This grid served as a reference, but the jury could also modify the marks after discussion, and moreover the members of the jury were not obliged to strictly respect this grid.

The winners

photo contest

1st prize : Jean-François BEGUE, pour le triptyque TERRE de FEU, TERRE DE VIES

2ème prix : Wilfried PRIGENT, pour le triptyque LES ESPRITS DU VOLCAN


film contest

2nd prize : Jochen FELKL, (concurrent allemand) pour son film FRAGRADALSFJALL 2023

2ème prix : Guillaume COFFY pour son film REUNION TO PLANETE MARS

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