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Hanging bridge

The East River Suspension Bridge, an engineering masterpiece in time and space, embodies audacity and innovation.

Designed by the visionary Ferdinand Arnodin at the end of the 19th century, this bridge made history by becoming the longest suspension bridge in the world when it was inaugurated in 1894.

Its impressive span of 145 meters was an engineering feat that not only revolutionized local transportation on Reunion Island, but also set a new milestone in the history of architecture and engineering.

Its exceptional heritage value has merited its classification as a historic monument, a title which testifies to its cultural and historical importance. Faced with the test of time, a meticulous restoration was undertaken to preserve its integrity, thus allowing its transformation into a route reserved for soft modes of transport, respectful of the environment and the heritage it represents.

The renovation of this monument, at a cost of 20 million euros, was made possible thanks to the collaboration of the FEDER, the Réunion Region, the Ministry of Culture and the “heritage in danger” mission.

After security work in 2020, the restoration began in September 2021 and was successfully completed in 2023, restoring the bridge to its former splendor and ensuring its place in the future of Reunion Island. It is a symbol of resilience and adaptation, reflecting the spirit of the island and its people.

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