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La Marine

It is under the waves, on October 28, 2017, 150 meters from the shore and 18 meters deep, that the island's first submerged work rests: "The Guardian of the Treasure". This statue is a vibrant tribute to the maritime and legendary history of Sainte-Rose, evoked by Toussaint BREMA, president of the Rivages et patrimoine association, which financed and carried out this ambitious project. The association also collaborates with the municipality to organize "Les Jours de feu", a cultural event which rekindles community spirit and the flame of local history.

The “Guardian of the Treasure” is not just a simple sculpture; it symbolizes a return to the maritime roots of Sainte-Rose and pays tribute to the adventurers who, in the 1960s, searched Anse des Cascades and other sites in the town in search of buried treasures. These explorations are an integral part of Sainte-Rosien folklore, passed down from generation to generation. The statue, watching over the anchors, cannons and other as yet unknown riches, is the first milestone in a larger tourist and artistic project: a unique underwater trail, intended for divers. This aquatic journey will soon be enriched with new sentinels and lookouts, who will accompany the guardian in his surveillance of hidden treasures.

On August 9, 2022, the “Guardian of the Treasure”, weighing one ton, was brought to the surface to be cleaned, with the valuable help of the local diving club. This gesture symbolizes the community's care for its heritage, both cultural and natural, and underlines Sainte-Rose's commitment to preserving and enhancing its history and environment for future generations. An initiative from the city of Sainte-Rose, which, by combining art and history, creates an immersive experience which enriches the cultural heritage of Reunion and offers a new dimension to the island's tourism.

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